Creating Healthy Habits with Eat Well Nashville!

I had a blast collaborating with Eat Well Nashville and Becca Mitchell on this blog post! Becca is a personal trainer, mom, self-love advocate, and total badass. During our interview, we walked around the Gulch drinking green juice and talking all things fitness - in particular, how to get back into fitness in a sustainable way. 

This topic is quite relevant in my life right now - the first few months of freelancing have been packed with activity and I've let some of my own good habits fall by the wayside. Interviewing Becca was exactly the inspiration I needed to get back into a health-conscious mindset!

View the post on Eat Well's blog to see an exclusive offer from Becca!

Here are some of my own favorite tips for getting back on track:

  • HYDRATE: Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go! I'm a huge fan of my Hydroflask for leak-free portability. Staying hydrated can be a struggle in the colder months, especially - get your body used to a ton of water now, so you continue to crave it throughout the winter.
  • MOVE: Use a Fitbit to track steps - even on non-workout days, aim to get 10,000 or more steps a day.
  • CHILL: If you're feeling run down, take a bath with Epsom salts and get some sleep. 
  • HANG: Combine social time with active time - instead of drinks, go for a walk with a friend or take a yoga class together. 
  • PREP: Take one day a week to get groceries and prep healthy meals and snacks. Having healthy food on hand is seriously more than half the battle. 
  • TREAT YOSELF: Remember that it's okay - and often, it's helpful - to bend your healthy habits and treat yourself from time to time. This will help you stick to it long-term - which is why I get a muffin from Vegan Vee every Friday! All in the name of sustainability. :)

Sending healthy vibes your way!



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