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Why We Need Meal Prepping

The world around us is optimized for convenience, not nutrition. It’s not hard to find food. Food is everywhere. You can order food to come right to you with a few clicks on your phone.

Healthy, real food, however - that requires some hunting, and discipline. It’s hard to make good choices when cheaper, more convenient options are slapping you in the face.

The key to success is to learn how to make the healthier option both cheaper and more convenient than the unhealthy option.

Enter: Meal prepping.

Smart meal prepping is truly a game-changer: You can save money, time, energy, and brain power simply by planning and cooking your meals in advance.

Sounds so simple, right? Right. But in practice, it’s hard: Where do you find recipes? How do you know how much of everything to make? How do you store things? How long do things last in the fridge? Where should you buy ingredients? Should you shop all in one place, or hunt for deals in multiple stores? How much time is this going to take? Is it actually worth the effort? What if you just suck at cooking?

Deep breath, friend.

I’ve got you. I’ve been meal prepping for myself for 5 years, for my boyfriend and me for 2 years, and this year, I’ve started prepping for friends as a side hustle. All of my meals are nutrient-dense, made with real ingredients, and naturally gluten- and dairy-free.

This ebook will show you how to:

  • Stock your pantry with nutrient-dense ingredients

  • Save big when buying meat

  • Incorporate seasonal produce into your diet

  • Pack healthy, delicious lunches without breaking a sweat

  • Eat real food!

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